[This novel is for both gender. For Females it has Female MC, and for Males it has Male MC]

["He and She" is more overpowering than any other, but as realistic as possible]

[Every sequence has its effect on overall plot, every action has its impact on future plot, every Overpowered-Cheats of MC has its reason explained in pseudo-science]

["He and She" is unapparelled & Invincible within their Own rank and their OP-ness have Logical theories behind, not just some stupid Plot-armors]

[Weak to Strong and fast pace of power-up]

[A 20% of Lit-RPG and 80% of Xianxia blend where MCs have created "His and Her" own AI system, and this author, Alamin, shamelessly claims this to be the most blended and realistic novel ever written (within the same genre)]

[The AI system is created by the MC in order to smoothen his/her future cultivation path. They became half human Half AI]

[No actual love in first sight for MC, Otherwise his/her Trillion years of experience in life would just be for naught. Here, Romance progress is slow and steady]

[MC isn't fond of "Naive and kind" Partners but of "Cruel yet Kind" partners. Those that are kind just because they din't see the depictions of cruelty are, of course, bound to be kind, generous and foolish. But what about those that has lived and shared plate with Evil. Can they still hold their sanity? Can they still be kind? Only then are they worthy to be the partners of our MCs]

[The Novel is about worlds, universes, nothingness, and the infinity]

[It shows the reality simulation of living in Xianxia world where strength reign supreme, it shows how hard and painful it is to breakthrough in cultivation and become stronger; How uncomfortable it is to live in jungle and cave and hunt monsters; How unattractive the opposite genders are while wearing the same cloth for weeks, the smell of sweat, the smell of rotten blood of monsters, the stench of gutting monsters; And in the end of the day, having to eat dried and raw meat by breaking teeth; The story would also show the pain and hard-work of MC. His hard work and sweat despite having the most Talent in existence]

[It also shows the reality simulation of living a rich life in Xianxia novels being an heir of a great family, living in a neat and tidy palace, It will have characters begging foods, characters that wastes golds to make just their living room, characters with kind heart, characters with a cruel heart. It would show the rise and fall of powers, it would show beauty becoming a beast, beast becoming beauty]

[The name Neutral Chaos is a bit confusing, right? Neutral means the harmony of opposite elements whereas the Chaos means the clash of those opposite elements. For Example, being able to control water & Fire simultaneously, while being a boy and a girl at the same time (Ain't playing the game of mystery by telling the meaning of my story's name at the very end)]

[This novel has Two MCs, with a single body, But they can create and inhibit many bodies that are controlled by a single mind (Bodies are created by MC as He/She can create anything in existence as long as he has enough Energy)]

[The gender of boy and girl can separate resulting in two separate physical bodies, the Female MC might fall in love with other males in the latter story. The same goes for the male MC. Despite them looking like two separate entities they are one]

[Male MC hardly falls in love but girls go head over hills for him (Sorry girls), resulting in offering their bodies but not love and the shameless MC accepts it. Vice versa for the Female MC (Sorry boys). After all, their taste is high, they only seek for cunning yet kind, cruel yet charming partners]

[Sex scenes are not described at all, but can be found plenty of times]

[Each chapter has an average of two thousand and more words]

"He and She" were to defeat and erase each other's existence, at least that's what it's supposed to be. He was Chaos while she was Void. Void can Devour anything but Chaos; Chaos can destroy anything but Void. They were supposed to fight, and yet they became one, they became Neutral.

He was born with Primordial Chaos body that is the very existence of reality itself; She was born with Primordial Void body that sucks anything and devour the very existence of reality. Their animosity couldn't be described with just fire vs water. It's far more severe than that.

She sought knowledge to become the wisest. As she can devour anything which could be the best defense there is. But He, on the other hand, sought for power and strength as he started as weak in terms of offence.

What happens when some dogshit luck and Existence shaking anomaly happens at the same time?

What happens when Fire and Water harmonizes?

What is the effect of Ying & Yang being in harmony?

What changes would it bring if Chaos and Void fall in love?

What would happen if a girl and a boy lives in a single body?

What blessing and curse would it bring if the Wisest in Knowledge and the mightiest in Power lives in a singe body?

What awaits for those arrogant warriors, if the best Offence and Defense are present within same entity?

Can they live till The End of Time?

Follow the journey of Zhong Xing & Zhong Xingping, as they yearn for Eternal life and absoluteness.

They wanted to become one, They were so much in love that they wanted to live in a single body. But is it possible to mix fire and water, Ying and Yang?

Trillions of years of research finally bore fruit.

The birth of the new physique which was named Neutral Chaos but in exchange they need to discard their old omnipotent bodies and create a new weak body with 100% purity in order to harmonize their opposing physique. They also need to start from the lowest rank of cultivation with the most solid foundation. Then they started to find new ways to make their cultivation journey from lowest world to highest world, within short time. The solution was an AI, another Trillions of years passed, They finally made the AI with an internal Space that would guarantee their safety when they are weak.

So they Created an AI that can process many thoughts at the same time. Their New body became Half-Human & Half-computer. Thus they descended to the lowest of worlds to rise from the bottom to the peak with a solid foundation.

It was his creation not a gift of some mysterious gods. It's an AI system. It can Devour knowledge from any world's world-core and put that knowledge into making a pill, weapons, treasures, even living beings except the soul. A System that can devour living beings even dead to make him stronger, can steal bloodlines, physique, memories of the victim. It doesn't create only miracles but also myths in abundance, all the while making MC supreme in terms of power and knowledge. Wherever he passes, destiny changes for the surrounding living beings. Nobles become commoner and commoner becomes noble. Up goes down, and down goes up. Destiny is but a toy to Zhong Xing and Xingping. Not matter where they are in the Omniverse they are supreme.


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